I don’t feel awake in the morning until I have been running. It’s an addiction, and one that I enjoy. I’m ruminating over the idea of committing to a half marathon this summer. There are two very popular ones in my area in August, and I have done them both before, two weeks apart. Since coming back to running after a full year, I have been remembering how hard it is to start, but the enjoyment far outweighs the pain. And since I know the pain will go away, but the enjoyment won’t, things are looking good. Maybe I could start with some 5ks in April and May, then move on to 10ks in June and July. That seems doable. This is a stupid post, but who cares? I can’t stop thinking about running.

I think I would choose the Hobble-Creek 1/2 marathon over the Provo River. Hobble Creek is much milder in the downhills, and is not at popular. Provo River has thousands of people, and those first 3 miles down South Fork Canyon are so stinking steep. I sort of killed my knee on it 2 years ago, which is why my Hobble Creek time was 20 minutes slower than my Provo River time. Well, I guess it was pretty stupid of me to run them so close together, but I still liked them both.

I almost salivate at the thought of those runs. This morning I ran 7 whole minutes, at a 9:30 pace. So sad, but so much better than none. I’m trying so hard to be careful and not go out too fast. The 10 % rule has got to be pretty important when it’s been so long. Except for muscle memory, it’s the same thing as starting out in the very beginning. So I’m making little tiny goals every week that are gains of only 10 % in duration per week. That means that next Saturday’s long run will be only 8 minutes. OK, I’m not being totally strict, since 10 % of 7 minutes is only 42 seconds. I think it will be fine.