I started hearing about Mr. Fargus a few months ago. The boys would be in their bedroom playing, and one would say to the other, “Hello, Mr. Fargus.”  And then there would be wild giggling. “You’re Mr. Fargus.” “No, you are.” Hee hee hee. I had no idea who this Mr. Fargus was, nor where they had met him. Sometimes, they would be playing with their toys, and one of them would be Mr. Fargus. I asked them who he was, and they looked at me blankly and said, “I don’t know.”

So one day, we were watching Spider Man, and during the scene where they’re having the parade with balloons, Harry comes out onto the balcony in his tux, and approaches the bald man in the wheel-chair, and says, “Good morning, Mr. Fargus.” How did my boys catch that? And why him? Why not Mr. Osborn, or Peter Parker? Or, knowing my boys, Mary Jane?

When Zeeb was not barely 1 and Calvin 3 1/2, they were playing in the living room. Calvin was going through a Hercules phase, wherein he would answer to no other name than Hercules. He would call us other names from the story (we’re talking about the Disney version, here). I came in, wanting Zeeb to do something, and I said, “Zeeb!”

Calvin looked at me like I was delusional, and said, “Her name is Meg!” I asked him what he’d said, and he repeated it. He told me he was Hercules, Derek was Hades, and I was still just Sarah.