I’ve been following this post on Easter Traditions at Rocks in My Dryer, and her previous post on the commercialization of Easter, and how she likes to celebrate the coming of spring as a separate holiday from Easter. I love that idea. I want my kids to know that spring is great, and something we should celebrate, but Easter is completely different . I want to have Easter be a spiritual holiday, not just one about marshmallow peeps. Although, I must admit, I can down an amazing amount of peeps, in a very short time. Especially if they have been opened a few weeks earlier to “age” properly.

It makes sense to me that the Resurrection happened right at the beginning of spring. Spring is about rebirth, starting over, welcoming light. We’ve had a long, dark, cold winter, and with the lengthening of days and warming of the soil, we’ll have early reminders of the beauty of Christ’s Atonement in the crocuses, snowdrops, daffodils, and easter lillies.

Easter should be about our own rebirth, as well. It should be a time to remember Christ, a time of prayer and thanksgiving, and joy.