Me: (hugging Zeeb) Please don’t scream, Zeeb.

Zeeb: I’m sorry Mom. I forgive you.

Me: I love you.

Zeeb: I love you too, Mom. Can I have Spiderman for my birsday?

Me: Yeah, we can get you a Spiderman toy for your birthday.

Zeeb: I want ta go ta my birsday.

Me: You want to go somewhere for your birthday?

Zeeb: Yeah. I want to go to my birsday.

Me: Where would you like to go?

Zeeb: (fists in the air) I wanna go ta Chuck E Cheez!!!

Me: OK, you can go there for your birthday. Would you like to take someone?

Zeeb: Yeah! I want ta take Chuck E Cheez!

Me: You want to take your friend to Chuck E Cheez?

Zeeb: Yesss!!

Me: Which friend would you like to take?

Zeeb: Ummm, Jonfan! He’s my friend.

Me: Do you want to take Bronx?

Zeeb: (frowning) No, he’s Calvin’s friend. T-man is Calvin’s friend, too.

Me: You can have a friend that is also Calvin’s friend. Bronx can be your friend, too.

Zeeb: (doe-eyes looking almost teary) Can I have T?