These are the ways I’ve wasted my time today:

  • checking email. I never get any, so why do I keep checking?
  • reading Martha Stewart Living magazine. Will I ever, ever do any of that insane organization stuff?
  • trying to think of something to blog about. Can’t I just blog when there’s something worthy to record?
  • playing Planarity. This was the biggest chunk of my time today. Like they say, who needs heroin…?
  • watering the sandbox. Yes, watering the sandbox. Grandpa had the cherry tree sprayed with some freaky cherry tree pesticide today, and the sandbox is right underneath it. If I had know the sprayer guy was coming, maybe I could have covered the sandbox with a tarp or something, instead of creating horrific scenarios in my head about my children being poisoned by eating their twirlies with sandbox cherry tree pesticide on their little hands. Instead, I made a veritable mud bath with the amount of water I pumped into the sandbox, hoping all the poison would percolate down into the soil below.
  • staring at the wall. Sometimes I do that.
  • checking my favorite blogs to see if they’ve written something new. Get on it, people!
  • searching for a kitchen utensil that I had seen Zeeb playing with the other day. Why bother? It’s probably in the car. Or in Grandpa’s toilet.
  • thinking about doing laundry. Just thinking.
  • picking up toys from the living room floor. I’m pretty sure I did, anyway.
  • asking Calvin oh-so-patiently to please eat his risotto.
  • dreaming of what my garden will look like, after we move to Ohio, rent a house for a couple years, and finally buy one that hopefully has a big yard and good drainage.

And now I’m avoiding going to bed at a reasonable hour. Hmff.