Time’s up. There’s no more waiting, no more excuses, no more half-hearted attempts at a beginning. Today is the day. It starts today.

We went for a walk yesterday and saw all the apricots trees in blossom. Which, of course, made us think of popcorn balls. So we went home, popped up some popcorn, and made caramel syrup. The syrup siezed right as I was pouring it, so we had a big bowl of plain popcorn with a few chunks of very sugary popcorn. We ate it anyway. We all got sick.

Then, at the RS birthday party, someone had made and decorated 8 different cakes. They were all gargantuan 3-layer cakes, except the lemon-lime pound cake. One had pink frosting, with jelly beans on top and malted milk eggs around the bottom. I, along with everyone else at the party, got sick.

I am sick of making myself sick. I don’t feel good when I eat sugary things. How can I still torture myself with garbage that my poor body doesn’t want? It gives me a headache, it makes my stomach feel funny, and it makes me not eat things that will benefit me. I’m so tired.

So today is Real Wednesday. Things that go into me today will be real. Nothing that comes out of a box or bag. Nothing that has any form of sugar in the ingredients. Nothing that has to list the ingredients. Wednesday will be the day I have only food that remembers where it came from, that I can prepare myself. So here’s the plan:

  • Breakfast: Steel cut oats, toasted in butter (I get local butter, which is so much fresher) with a tiny bit of brown sugar. 2 grains
  • Lunch: Toast, from bread I made yesterday, with natural almond butter that I made last week, a salad of spring greens with olive oil and orange muscat vinegar, some raw carrots, and a smoothie of frozen banana, strawberries, kale, and yogurt that I made with local milk. 2 grains, 3 veggies, 2 fruits, 1 dairy, 1 protein, 2 fats
  • Cheese and bread. 1 grain, 1 dairy, 1 fat
  • Dinner: Red lentil daal with greens, tomatoes, caramelized onions and basmati rice, with yogurt on top. 2 grains, 2 protein, 1 dairy, 3 veggies
  • Snack: Popcorn with butter and salt. 1 grain, 1 fat

Totals: 8 grains, 6 veggies, 2 fruits, 3 dairy, 3 protein, 4 fats

This is so much easier when there is a plan. So today it will be easy.

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