If only my kids would stay away from the cd player. I got tagged by bon. I’m glad that’s all she stuck me with, since things don’t seem to going too well at her house. Anyway, here it is: List seven songs you are into right now…no matter what they are. BUT. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Aaak! Do I really have to admit to the songs I’ve been listening to? First, I must explain my listening habits. I was never a big radio fan. Even in jr. high, I tried to listen to what everybody else was listening to, but I could never get into it. My best friend would always have the radio on, the tv on, be talking to me, and still be able to do her homework at the same time.

Me? If music is on, I’m actively listening to it. It’s not in the background. Sometimes it’s so distracting I get mad inside that I have to be subjected to it. Like in the grocery store? I HATE that. And in movies, if the music doesn’t seem appropriate to the mood or period, I can’t like the movie. Like Moulin Rouge. I couldn’t stand the movie, mostly because the music was such a hodge-podge of styles from too many eras. I also hate Ewan McGregor, and please, please never let him “sing” in another movie.

Also, I got my bachelor’s degree in music. I play the organ. I actually have organ music on cd, but I don’t listen to it. It’s for educational purposes. I also have lots of classical music, ditto.

So what am I enjoying right now? Well, I’ll have to include things I’ve listened to in the past 6 months, because I don’t switch very often. I’m trying not to be embarrased. Here they are:

1. I want you back – Jackson Five

2. Footloose – Kenny Loggins -OK, so it’s really the whole soundtrack

3. Nocturno – Frederico Moreno Torroba, played by John Williams

4. The Twa Corbies – Old Blind Dogs – I listen to this album more than anything else, but I think this is my favorite song on it.

5. Cold Day in July – Dixie Chicks

6. Serenity theme – Joss Whedon – this one’s from Firefly

7. And since it’s nearing Easter, the entire St. Matthew Passion by J. S. Bach, but my favorite song in it is the chorale Wer Hat Dich So Geschlagen?

And here’s the saddest part of my uncoolness. I don’t even know 7 other bloggers to tag. The only one who I would tag is the one who set me up.