This morning, I shaved all my legs. After I wore my clothes, I went outside and a neighbor saw me wetting the lawn. Derek had the kids fed to the dogs, and we had his feet for breakfast. They were pickles. I ran away. Derek stayed on the floor. Then he worked out with his problem.

Calvin wears oranges. He’s afraid he’s not turtley enough for the Turtle Club. He skipped the metal fingernails and greased his peel. This morning, he pushed up, just like Superman told him to when he had a flew. His nose ran out of blood. He is scared of water-sprouts, and fire-work volcanoes.

Zeeb has the blues, and his nose is overflowing. His finger found it. He threw up his cheerios and took off the rocket. He found bats in the living room when he drew on the floor, and then wrapped a buggy around his thumb. Zeeb is free. Or he’s almost free. He sinks.

Kiki was leaking after she was awake. She is living inside her pajamas. She is prone to wander, but can’t stand it without hanging. She lies. She is sparkling for her brothers.