I’ve been asked by Erin to openly admit my obsessions. How can I, when I’m so embarrassed about them in the first place?

I’ll leave out the really ghetto ones. So 5 obsessions:

1. Running. Everyone who knows me already knows my obsession with running. It’s not like I’m this fantastic runner, or that I run very fast, or even very far. I just like it a lot, and I especially like trail running. I even have a crappy blog about running. Derek owes me $10,000 for each child I’ve made, but one day he was wondering just how much of my $30,000 I’ve already spent. He said that running stuff doesn’t count, since it’s a physical and psychological need for me. So running shoes, clothes, races, driving to races, all that doesn’t count as part of my $30,000. I think I’ll start signing up for races in Paris and London.

2. Recycling. I’m so far gone that I can only shop at thrift stores for clothes. I always bring my own bags to the market unless I’m buying bulk stuff, in which case I save the same plastic bag and twist tie and use it as many times as I can before it is riddled with holes. I’m dying to have a compost bin (but I can’t yet because my grandpa doesn’t want one in his backyard, but I did make him order a recycling bin for the trash, which he didn’t want because he thought we shouldn’t have to pay for it), and I always save jars and reuse them for keeping things like rice and beans.

3. Cooking. I read cookbooks like novels. I love Indian, South East Asian, Mexican, Native American, Mediterranean, North African, Moroccan, Italian, Finnish, Spanish, vegetarian, vegan, baking… I realize that all those labels are broad generalizations, but I love trying new stuff. I also don’t like repeating meals. There are only a few things that I make periodically. Lentil Sausage Soup, Sweet Potato Quesadillas, Turkey or Pork soft Tacos, and I can’t think of anything else. I have a collection of cookbooks, and I find new stuff in them all the time. I loooove vegetables, so the majority of my cookbooks are vegetarian, and my favorites are from the Moosewood Restaurant. I feel sad for people that don’t eat vegetables, or who think grey green beans and steamed broccoli are the only choices.

4. Mind games. Sudoku, Planarity (which doesn’t count after you figure it out), puzzles, ciphers, foreign languages, math, stuff you have to think about. I guess mystery novels counts in this category, too, and I love me a good mystery.

5. Knitting and crocheting. I only learned how to knit a couple of years ago, and I started crocheting after that. It was while on break from applique, which I haven’t done since I started knitting. Mostly all I do is little stuff, like baby blankets. I did knit a little lamb for my mom, which I then felted. It was the cutest thing. I like to knit while Derek reads books to me out loud. We’ve gone through lots of good books this way. We’ve especially love “The Cat Who…” books. They’re not gory like some other mysteries, and as far as language, they’re pretty clean.

I changed my mind. I’m not embarrassed about these ones, I just left out all the ones I don’t want widely known. But I do think all these things fall under the heading of ways to waste time. But I guess if we weren’t going to waste any time, we’d have to still be eking out our existence on the farm. And I’m tagging bon, Carrie, Crystal, Dan (because I think that would be funny. I hope I can get him to post on DYM), and my cousin Mike, cause honestly, I’m just too curious.