Zeeb has a “scrab” on his forehead. He sang himself “Happy Birthday” today while eating his cake. When I say “I love you,” he says, “I love you, TOO!” which he spits out. Today he said, “I love you MOST!” He stacked some couch cushions, got on top, and said, in a sing-songy voice, “Riding a boat.” He put on Derek’s flip-flops and said, “Like a girlo.” When he was done eating the other day, he said to Derek, “Wash it, Zeeb,” like he says “watch it, movie,” “ride it, bike,” “kiss it, arm,” and “read it, book.” Or maybe it was “wash it, me.”

I am so glad I’ve written down some of the things my kids do and say. That was Zeeb on his 2nd birthday. He already had a giant vocabulary, and uncanny grammar.

18 May 2006 Thurs

I just asked Calvin, “How come you’re so cute?” He answered, “Um, cause you made me that way!”

Zeeb looked out the window this morning and said, “Birdies! Hate de stupid Quayo! (Quail)”

16 August 2006 Wednesday

The other day at story time, Derek was ready to read to them and Calvin asked if I could do it. I was tired and grumpy (and 7 months pregnant) and didn’t want to, but he kept asking. I asked him why he wanted me and not Derek. He kept not understanding my question. Finally he said, “Because you’re cute.” I think he meant that he liked the voices I use and he likes it when I make up parts of the story, or substitute words to make it funny. Now he makes Derek do the substitutions, too.

27 August 2006 Sunday

Zeeb came into the living room today and told Derek, wide-eyed, “Dad! The water… went down… the BRAIN!”