1. My tiny girl who can simultaneously suck her thumb and grab my nose with the same hand. And pat my face with her other hand.

2. My three-year-old boy who falls asleep on the couch with a HUGE bag of popcorn (thanks bon) on his lap. Then wakes up and continues to plow through it.

3. My five-year-old boy who climbs onto my bed when I have a headache and rubs my head.

4. Lilacs.

5. Little tiny pink pants.

6. My sweet husband who calls if he’s going to be 3 minutes late, because he knows if he doesn’t, I will believe he has died in a freak accident and will have planned his funeral before he gets home.

7. Eating lots and lots of popcorn (again, thanks bon) and then drinking a bunch of Fresca until I feel really sick.

8. Pretending like I’m smart.

9. Aganju, by Bebel Gilberto, Latin Project remix. (You can listen to it here, but you’ll have to watch a random guy and his dog.)

10. Clean, unspotted carpet. At least I think I’d like it.