1. So my feet don’t hurt walking around on the hateful tile floor in the kitchen.

2. So I can be prepared to run out of the house at a moment’s notice to retrieve one or both of my deviant sons, who frequently leave silently, so as not to alert me of their absence.

3. So it will take longer for my feet to reach their normal, frigid, core temperature of 36o Fahrenheit.

4. So nobody can see the pink nail-polish chipping off my too long toenails.

5. So I will be discouraged from taking a nap. All that effort to get the shoes off, and then put them on again post-nap.

6. So I will be encourage to do something. Anything. Because if I don’t, I will crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head and turn my brain off.

7. So my children can learn from my shining example, and start wearing shoes themselves. In the spring, rather that in the heat of summer, when it will likely be too late, and their little feet will have already melted, leaving stumps with randomly protruding toenails.

8. To keep my socks clean.

9. So they will be good and broken-in for my 5K on Saturday.

10. So I can dance to my children’s favorite song with them at the end of the day. No lie, they really love this song.