You can now call him Dr. Derek. He has completed all the requirements for a doctorate in electrical engineering. He defended his dissertation yesterday, and passed without reservation. That means his committee felt his research was good, his conclusions based on the research were good, and that he presented it well. And they probably liked the muffins I baked for them. At least I hope they did.

So now, he just has to correct a few grammatical errors, get the department’s approval, and publish the dang thing. Then he will officially graduate in December. Or maybe he will decide to do it in April, so he can get the robe and hood, and walk. He’s never walked before. All I remember about walking is that I was really, really hot, and it took a really, really long time sitting there under the heat lamps. Like fries, waiting for the dinner rush.

Derek told me he doesn’t think he’ll go to work on Monday.