For all of you who are not related to me by blood, I’m sorry, but this will make no sense to you. For those of you who are, cheers.

I’m goin on a trip to Heber and I’m taking my accordion, my Nabisco crackers, my sleeping bag, my goobers, my stand-up comedy kit, my Tahitian Treat 24-pack, my killer tree tape, my effervescent tablets, my sister’s swimming suit, my tasty Fig Newton, my nimbus, my solar-powered automobile, my egg costume, my epilepsy medicine, my eccentric family, my Yanni CD, my disco shoes, my slippery sandals, my Spock mannequin, my nappy rotten banana, my anabolic steroids, my Stradivari, my irritating blister, my right-on-feelings-of-brotherly-love, and everything else.

1. Patty
2. Paul
3. Liz
4. Mike
5. Barbara
6. Greg
7. Isaac
8. Camille
9. Sarah
10. Dave