Ah, we’ve been in Dayton for 2 days now, and the house hunting is still going strong. I’ve found a couple of places that seem promising, each with their own distinct benefits. I have to admit that proximity to Trader Joe’s is definitely one of the deciding factors.

One of the places I wrote about a couple weeks ago, when I polled the audience about the more expensive, larger place vs. the cheaper, smaller place, turned out to be a disaster. The 1,500 square feet were completely permeated with smoke from cheap cigarrettes, which is yuckier than smoke from expensive ones, and it was downstairs, and the doornobs weren’t even screwed in tight. I figure, if they don’t even care about the doornobs when showing an apartment to a potential renter, they won’t care about things like ceiling leaks and oven explosions. Not that I’ve exploded a lot of ovens.

So anyway, it comes down to an upstairs place that’s $700 a month, 20 minutes from work on a good day, and in a heavily commercial area. Lots of mall-type stuff nearby. Yuck. Or a $1200 place that’s 2,100 square feet, upstairs, has white carpets throughout, but a cute brick exterior, nice neighbors, close to the school and TJ’s, big basement, but now way to get the piano in, and a house in a quiet residential area, 2 blocks from an elementary school, $850 a month, one level ranch (easy for the piano- yes Elizasmomsmom, we brought Henrietta, sorry I haven’t replied, but internet access has been scarce-I had to fix the hotel’s computer just now-  and I’ve been swamped).

I haven’t seen the house yet, but I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Any suggestions? Actually, I don’t imagine I’ll be able to check my email before then. Just send my happy thoughts and prayers and whatever you can do to alter the cosmic influences that can get us a good place to live. Or I may cry.