Typing a post on my own computer is like sleeping in my own bed. It’s been so long, but I’m finally home. Ahhhh.

We’ve got almost all of the furniture we need. The loft beds are arriving tomorrow, so the boys won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore. We even bought a desk for our computer, and had the internet installed today. It works. We also bought a cheap TV stand from Target, so we wouldn’t have to stick it on a chair, like we’ve done for the last 6 years. The crappy thing is that it is in the living room, and I’m one of those people who is embarrassed about my TV love. We don’t actually get TV, but we rent the good stuff on DVD and watch late at night, while I knit.

I think I’ve got the ants mostly under control. We had the maintenance guy come today and check the air conditioning, which seemed to shut off if we ran the dishwasher. Which is bad, because I don’t think Derek will ever go back to washing all the dishes by hand again, unless I threaten to never cook for him again.

The maintenance dude said we could seal up the crazy panel in our closet where all the smoke from the downstairs neighbors was coming through. Yucky, old, nasty smoke. We’re gonna shrink-wrap the panel to the wall.

I bought a Dyson. I tried two Hoovers, and they both broke the second I took them out of the box. I’m in love with my Dyson. I find myself looking around the apartment, thinking, “What can I vacuum?”

I put all the cool kitchen stuff in the storage with Henrietta. The Kitchen-aid, the Cuisinart, the blender, the unscratched silverware, lots of stuff. My kitchen is too tiny to do any serious cooking. I don’t even have room for all my spices. I threw some away yesterday, because I don’t use things like sambaar powder often enough to justify it taking up prime real estate.

I went to Costco in Cincinnati yesterday, and not only did they not have ANY good bread like the LaBrea sourdough or Prairie Grain Co. whole wheat that they stock in Orem, but they didn’t have the jalapeño-cheese sauce Derek likes. And I got lost on my way there.

But I already have a friend from church, who has invited me to three things in as many days. I live about 10 minutes from TJ’s. I got a library card the other day, and the library is great. The elementary school is fantastic, and it turns out that almost all the 5-year-olds from church are also in the afternoon kindergarten. At least one is in Calvin’s class.

I’m tired, tired, tired, but almost all the boxes are unpacked and put away. Now I can switch from survival mode to creative mode. Or something.

p.s. Derek was here while the guy installed the internet this morning, and the first thing he did was check my blog. When I got out of the shower, he said, “Wow, you’ve got a lot of nice friends.” Thank you all for your comments, advice, sympathy, well-wishes, and kind words.