How did November happen? It was like 75 degrees yesterday. The frolicking squirrels nibbled on bits of Jack-o’-lantern and made my boys cry. I never knew squirrels liked pumpkin.

I’ve had the worst cold of my life for the past couple of days. Which means I haven’t been running in nearly a week, what with the move, the other sick individuals in my household, and the inability to find all or part of my running ensemble. Which is maybe a little more elaborate than the average runner’s choice of outerwear, but what can I say? I have no choice. I cannot run if I’m not comfortable.

We do not have a single window covering in our entire house. No, not the bedrooms, nor the 1 1/2 bathrooms. It gets tricky. I have to sneak into the shower, and change surreptitiously in the closet. But I CAN change in the closet. I can walk right in there, turn the light on, and have almost enough room to fully dress without bumping into any walls or knocking any frilly pink dresses off their hangers.

My two boys keep begging me to wear frilly pink dresses. Pictures? You want pictures? OK, but not today. I still don’t have the real computer in use.

How do you find a good Pediatrician? Our pediatrician in Provo was awesome. He was pretty new, he was nice, he always spoke directly to the kids, even if they weren’t the one being seen, he didn’t make me feel like crap for bringing all 3, he had books and toys in his rooms, his office wasn’t ghetto, the nurses were nice, like they’d actually dealt with real-live children before. And they had one of those gargantuan aquariums with all the fish from “Finding Nemo.”

I’m afraid to turn the thermostat above 68, and I even think that might be too high. I have no idea how much the electricity and gas bills will be. I’m thinking about putting tapestries on the windows to keep the heat in. Anyone know how to make a tapestry?

If Derek rides the bus to work, like if I need the car to go to the ghetto pediatrician’s, he has to be at the bus stop 4 blocks away at 6:30am. There’s only one bus per day that goes onto the base. And apparently the only people who ride it are very much morning people.

I’ve lost my phone. I don’t know what to do. It’s dead somewhere, so I can’t even call it. How ridiculous is it that losing my phone makes me feel so utterly helpless? I can’t even call my mom to complain. And since she doesn’t read my blog, how will she ever know?