After getting up approximately 159 times last night to the sound of “rrrrrRRRRRR! Mom! Mom! MOM!” and having to unfold the legs from under my middle child, who cannot grasp the concept that if you sleep with said legs curled up under you, they will indeed hurt, every single time, I feel a slight case of the bludgeoneds.

But I have plans today:

I need to buy dowels and brackets for the curtains I’m going to make. I did cover the most essential windows with pieces of the plastic bag our mattress came in. Yes, I still have that plastic cover 7 years later. I’ve used it for every move. I’m pretty sure I won’t be moving again in the next millennium* or two. I did buy some beautiful off-white linen the other day, and at $4 a yard, how could that be bad? I think I’m going to do the dining room and living room windows with it. *edited to include correct spelling of millennium, which, though I’ve never had trouble with the Latinate spellings before, for some reason I kept thinking, “No, I put the right number of ‘L’s. Stupid spell-check.”

I need some of those cool industrial wire shelves for the basement, so we don’t just have a giant pool of canned food and camping supplies down there, although, I honestly can’t think of a better place to go if there happens to be a tornado today. If there’s a flood, I guess we’re screwed.

I need to get a shower head and tub faucet and switch them out even before I can so much as think about getting clean. I’m not so much interested in standing under a dribble while my shins get sprayed by the crummy spout that only closes about 35% and doesn’t divert any usable water to the crappy shower head.

I think I might have to break down and get a spice rack. Or seven. I don’t have any cabinets left, and I’ve only put away like 3 things. The spices can’t have a whole cabinet to themselves, like they’re used to. I do have a really awkward corner countertop, though. The range is one one wall, and the fridge is on the other, with their corners about a foot apart. In between them is a corner counter that is all but inaccessible for any real kitchen work, since either way you turn, you bump into a large appliance. Once again, the guy who did the kitchen, not a lot of kitchen-sense.

I need to assemble the boys’ loft bed. They’ve been sleeping on the floor for a week now. I know, I know, what a bad mom. I can’t even let Derek share the blame on this one, since he’s a cripple.

I’m also due for a haircut. Because right now, I look like a middle-aged woman who has given up. Sloppy and ragged. Oh, wait…