If you didn’t know already, I’m doing NaBloPoMo, so I’m posting every day in November. That makes for some pretty uninteresting reading. I would love to write witty and/or thought provoking stuff every day (or even one day!) but not this year. This year it’s going to be mostly a journalish retelling of the events of the move and the house. So instead of reading on, go take that nap you were thinking about.

I accomplished the herculean task of assembling the boys’ bed yesterday. I did require Derek’s assistance for putting the side bed onto the main bed, but only because the bedroom is exactly the same width as the bed. So, instead of building from one end to the other, I had to assemble two parts and lower one down vertically while matching up the hooks that keep it in place on the other part. All because the dang screws are 3 inches long, and I couldn’t get them in if I followed the instructions exactly. I should have taken pictures of how I had to manipulate myself and the bed in the tiny space. Still, I’m pretty proud of myself.

I just noticed that if I look out the window in my front door, I see two trees with bright yellow leaves. If I look out the window 4 feet to the right, I see a tree with green leaves, and the window to the right of that shows a maple with deep red and burgundy leaves. Did I tell you I’m in love with my house? I never knew I could get so emotional about a house, but the more I walk around in it and around it, the more I just love it. I love the concrete porch, the wrought iron banister and railing on the porch, the ivy creeping around the front walk, the funky yellow asbestos(!) siding, the giant magnolia tree, the creaky floor, the light pouring in from all the windows, the acoustically perfect room in the basement where I can sing German Chorales and sound like a choirboy in a cathedral, and on and on. I love this house.