I made a change in my running goals a little while ago. I had gotten pretty sick just after having one of the best runs ever. It was only about 3 miles, but it felt good, the day was fantastically beautiful, and I thought the long wait was over.

Then I had to take a break for almost two weeks while my lungs recovered from a crazy asthma inducing hacking cough. I also got laryngitis for the first time in my life, and that was pretty entertaining. Anyway, I decided to start again from the beginning. Or pretty near the beginning. And I also decided to scrap the 4 times a week, alternating long and short, and speed workouts. I don’t think I’m really at the level that speed workouts can possibly benefit me.

I decided to just run every day, and go for 10 minutes the first week, 12 the second, 14 the third, etc., and then on Saturdays I will double it. I also won’t be trying super hard to get in a full 1/2 hour of exercise, since sometimes that turns me off of doing it at all. Plus, if I don’t get up early enough to go before Derek has to leave for work, I just give up. It’s been really easy to meet my goals this week, since they’re so tiny, but it feels like it will be so easy to increase each week. I am excited about running again.

Side note: My boys have started calling their sister “The Princess.” I will most likely die of the cuteness.