I hope you all are loving your running. I know how hard it is to get started, and to keep going for those first few weeks. It feels crappy for a while, but I promise you that if you keep it up and run at least 4 times a week, in a few weeks (or maybe a couple of months… don’t give up!) you will love it. You will start to rely on your running as a source of peace, a time to collect your thoughts and prepare yourself to face the day. I need running for the physical benefits, but even more for the emotional and psychological ones. I’m so much nicer after I’ve been running.

The tip for this week is at Marathon Mommy. I know it’s hard to motivate yourself to go running, and it can get boring, especially if you’re on the treadmill, so see if you can find a buddy to run with once a week. The nice thing about runners is that they’re usually thrilled to have someone ask to run with them. They’ll change their pace to match yours, run whatever distance you want to run, and stop to walk with you if you need it. I love running with someone else, for all the reasons listed in the post.

It may be easiest to set up a running date on the weekend, when you have a little extra time for a longer run, and for the inevitable gabbing that usually follows. I used to run a few times a week with a friend around the corner in Provo, and we would always end up standing in front of her house talking for a while after running. It was great to have an adult to talk to, and like Suzie Petunia says, it’s a great way to bond in a non-confrontational posture.

I’d love to hear about any social running you do. If you find someone to run with, tell me about it and I will be jealous. I’m going to try to get my cousin, Liz, to run with me when she comes this week, but otherwise, of my two friends here in the void, one doesn’t run, and the other is going to Florida for Christmas. But on a happy note, the one who doesn’t run has invited us for Christmas dinner!

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