It’s just like my mom always says. As you get older, life speeds up, and you never get a break. We’ve gotten the water in the basement under control. After purchasing a shop-vac and spending hours vacuuming water, I decided the carpets needed to go, since they’d been wet for two days. I rolled up the larger carpet by myself, until I felt like the skin on my fingers was going to peel right off. It was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it to prop it at an angle, so I called Derek and he came home to help. We then rolled up the second carpet. Thankfully, the carpets were not fastened down in any way: no glue, no staples, no nail strips. Unfortunately, they were way too heavy for us to haul outside while wet, so we left them to drain in the basement.

There was very little actual damage. One of the walls got water logged, and the carpets are shot. A couple of the books are glued shut, but the rest of the 4 million books we had on the floor are perfectly fine. I did get out one leftover wet box this morning, and I found several boxes of pasta that was al dente. The thing we worried about the most was getting mold and mildew. There’s still one tiny scrap of carpet that’s under the washing machine, but I honestly don’t know how to get it out. It’s still sopping wet.

We bought a couple of air-circulators (a.k.a. fans) and a dehumidifier, and after one night, all is dry down there. Crisis averted.

I think we’re going to head out to the new Ikea in town this weekend, and look for some area rugs and bookshelves. It was nice to think we had a finished basement, but I really don’t care that much about the basement. It’s cool, and I think I will get the best use out of it as a root cellar, not a living space.

In other news, Calvin discovered that one of his friends from school lives two blocks away, and he has already set himself up a play-date. He’s somewhat of a go-getter.

Zeeb did something this week that was really cute. Gosh, what was it. Hang on just a minute, it’ll come to me. It was so funny though.

Kiki fell down the stairs today for the first time, and contracted a bloody nose. It was pretty tragic. She has also started saying “book”. It sounds kind of like how she says “Mom” and “more.” And “yes” and “thirsty.” And “shoes.”

I went to my first yoga class ever the other night. It’s at the local Methodist church, and it costs a dollar. Well, that’s a voluntary donation. Anyway, it was absolutely fantastic! I am still sore, 3 days later. I have muscles over my ribs that I didn’t know existed. They hurt. The instructor said I had really good breath control, and that she could tell I had been doing yoga for a while. I think I’m going to trade Wednesday night volleyball for Tuesday night yoga.