1. The Trip to Boston

I flew to Massachusetts a week and a half ago. By myself. (!!!) I went to visit elizasmom and her mom, and, of course, Eliza herself. The plan included, but was not limited to slumber partying, racing, regular partying, some sleeping, some breakfasting, some introductions, some pretense at not being shy and terrified to meet new people (witty, intelligent, cultured, nice, karate-chopping people). I’m not a very good partier, but I still had a great time. My brother NungNung came to pick me up. We stayed at the party for a while, so I could show off my “feeble minded brother.” The Chinese word “nungnung” means “soft,” so of course he was referring to his intellect when he gave himself the appellation.

We spent the next two days at NungNung’s place in Boston, with his wife, Shaopung, and their baby girl, BuiBui, who sensed the cosmic connection with me almost immediately. I think she knows I’m the mother of her future best friend. NungNung took me all around Boston, and even though I was wicked tired, and none too talkative, it was a great trip. I have resolved that we will move to Boston. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of… a while. And by soon, I mean sometime before I’m 50.

2. The race.

Something has happened to my joints, specifically my hips. I’ve been having pain in them, but only while running. The 10K that we did in Holyoke was a beautiful course, with many, many people, including Supergirl and a guy (or many guys) in a giant green hairy hat. There were hills. The hills did me in. I’ve always been pretty steady on hills, coming from a rather hilly place, but the pain was enough to make me contemplate stopping to walk. That makes it sound like it didn’t really hurt that much, but the competitiveness in me is maybe a little stronger that you understand. I finished a little slower than 55 minutes, which was a disappointment. But I’m over that, now. I decided not to do the Indy mini-marathon, which is to say that I will eat the $50 I spent on entering, but I will survive that. I’m also reconsidering my desire to try a marathon this year. I’ve been running since the race, but slowly, and carefully, and not very far.

3. The tragedy.

Skybus ain’t flyin’ no more. I had hoped to be able to go to Boston a few times a year on the ridiculously cheap airline, but it seems they went under.

4. The table.

In an attempt to solve the problem of no shelves, I gallivanted all about Dayton last week, searching for suitable, used bookshelves. It seems that the antique dealers use them for displaying other antiques, and there aren’t any for sale. I did find a beautiful mission style library table at one store, though. I decided to buy it and use it for a sideboard, but needed a way to transport it home. I called a friend, who offered to let me use her minivan. She came over and watched the kids while I got lost looking for the store. When I did get there, I saw the table, which I had been thinking about all weekend. I paid with credit. As soon as the saleslady removed the smaller antiques and kitsch that were on the table, I noticed the warped and broken veneer on the top. Of course the items had been strategically placed so as to mask the “antique” surface. I gasped, and in uncharacteristic stand-up-for-myself-ishness, I told her I wanted my money back. Even though there was a sign posted above the register that said, “All sales are final!” I also blushed something fierce. She complied. I dodged a $175 bullet. And I left my keys in my friend’s car, but she can’t find them.