If you’ve come here to yell at me for my comments about the FLDS post, I welcome you, but ask you to at least not swear (feeble attempt at lightening the mood). I’ve been crying and trying to understand the motivation for creating the post, and I don’t believe there was a malicious intent. But it made me really, really sad.

The members of the FLDS church that have been in the news have had a great tragedy befall them. Whether you think of the tragedy as their upbringing or their being wrested from their homes and thrown into the spotlight of the national media, they are in turmoil. The feeding frenzy of the media has highlighted such interesting tidbits as the bed found in their temple, and the fact that sometimes, girls are married as young as 14. Mormons have enough in their history and current practice to make us need to think twice before pointing fingers at others and calling them weird. (Initiatory, anyone? To an outsider, that would surely seem weird. And how about that endowment prior to 1990?)

It makes me sad that people, throughout the history of time, have used religious differences as weapons. Nobody ever benefited from someone hating them, but as most religions teach, people do benefit from someone loving them, even if they are different.

So call me what you want, I just think that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches us to love each other.