Thank you all for the great ideas for keeping cats out of the garden. The crappy thing is that I cannot get a dog, since I would have to build a fence around the entire yard, and in our area, it would have to be a wooden fence. Chain link fences are against city code. As are loose dogs (and cats!). I might try moth balls next, though I hear they smell pretty bad. But if you only leave them in there until the plants get big enough to cover most of the dirt, I guess it won’t be a big deal because
holy smokes! there's not enough room.

I’m starting to question the whole Square Foot garden method. I thought I followed it pretty closely, and the guy tells you how much of each vegetable will fit into each square, but it’s still only early summer! Those broccolis and cabbages are going to take over the world! And the green beans! The carrots and chard are still so tiny, I can only imagine what they will be like next week. Actually, the chard has already served us 3 or 4 times, since I keep cutting it while it’s pretty tiny. Yesterday for lunch, I grabbed a large pita out of the freezer, spread some Trader Joe’s spaghetti sauce on it, grated some of my homemade mozzarella, went out into the garden and clipped a handful of baby chard and sauteed it, then piled it on top of the cheese. I added a few grates of cheddar and asiago, then sliced up some olives on top. It took just exactly the same amount of time to put it together as the oven took to preheat. It was fantastic! Little Zeeb folded it, and then took credit for inventing the sandwich. So the chard may never get very big, if I have anything to do with it.
tomatoes, square foot style
Let’s not talk about how those tomatoes may be a wee bit close together. I swear the SFG guy says you can put one tomato per square. Maybe he meant if they were all along one edge of the box, and staked, rather than caged. Ah, well. This next one is where the cat has been leaving the gifts.
more seedlings coming up
Planted in the empty spots are garlic, beans, shallots, and onions. Some of them have been forcibly removed by their erstwhile feline predators.

Since the sun is now up, and I expect my children to come barreling down the stairs any second, I will leave you with these last two.
I bought the dresses for Kiki at a yard sale about a year ago, and every once in a while, the boys beg to get them out and “twirl.”