We’re off to Indiana today, for the Hollyhock festival in Lafayette. My aunt Barbara is in some way involved, and has donated many hollyhocks to the local park. We’re going to try to time our return so that we will pick up Derek from the airport on the way home.

crafty boy

My industrious little 6 year old has decided to learn how to sew. It all started the other day, when Calvin became alarmed at the gaping holes an unraveling sections of Zeeb’s “buggy”. I told him that I wasn’t going to fix it, because it’s time for Zeeb to stop sucking his thumb, and he only does it while holding his buggy. When I was little, I was a thumb sucker, and I distinctly remember the day I quit. We had gone to a family reunion, and during some part (I’m guessing the talent show section), I took my pink blankie with the silky edge, found a little bush with a cave in it, and nestled in for a good session. When my mom called me over, I figured I would leave my blankie safe there, and return later. When we were halfway home, I remembered the blanket had been left. Panicked, we drove back to search for it, but it was gone. I never sucked my thumb again. But clearly, if I was old enough to remember the incident, it’s not a bad thing that I finally quit.

Anyway, Calvin became alarmed. He doesn’t want his bruzzer to be sad, and he knows how much that buggy means to Zeeb. He decided to take it upon himself to be the keeper of the buggy. Or at least the repairer. He asked me to continue to teach him how to knit. I told him the buggy was crocheted, and that no amount of crocheting could rescue that buggy from its impending doom. He asked me to teach him how to sew. At this point, he was signing himself up for something he knew would be terrifying, because he believed I would teach him on the sewing machine, which he is mortally afraid of. But he was determined to repair that buggy, for the sake of his little bruzzer.

So I got out some fabric and a needle and thread, and we commenced. He decided to make a purse, at once making up his mind (to change it several times in the ensuing hours) to give it to his girlfriend.

He has since begun plans for selling his creations, the smaller of which will cost $1, the little bit bigger ones will be $2, the medium ones will be $3, the medium ones that are gonna be a little bit bigger will be $4, the big ones will be $5, and the big ones that are gonna be bigger are gonna be $6 and $7. I hope I got all that, because he was talking really fast. He plans to enlist his friend, who apparently likes to sew as well.

I’m not quite sure where he plans to sell them to. Maybe they’ll be the side item at his bake-sale/lemonade stand. I am a little afraid of my enterprising son.