I don’t have any photos because I’m retarded and didn’t take my camera. Derek’s parents and some siblings came for a visit all the way from Utah. For a while there, we had 11 people staying in our house. That didn’t actually seem so cramped to me, especially considering that one family I knew in the Philippines who had 8 kids, and they all lived in a home smaller than my living room. I’ll admit they didn’t exactly spend time inside, other than sleeping, though. And when I say that one family, I mean there was at least one such family within every square quarter of a mile.

We all drove up to New York state. This is the part where I wish I had brought a camera. I’d never been there before, and I wasn’t prepared for how cool Niagara Falls would be. I mean, I knew that the falls would be pretty, but I was overwhelmed. Also, the state park part of it was mind-blowing. I couldn’t believe how much cool stuff they had for you to do. I didn’t get to participate in all of it, what with a tantruming 1.5 year old who desperately needed a nap. I took her to the car, with the intention of driving back to the KOA to nap, but she was asleep before we pulled out of the parking spot, so I just parked under some shade and tried to continue reading The Host, which Derek’s sister, Britanna, had brought along. I ended up being too tired, and took a nap all cramped up in the car, too.

We had good times all around with Derek’s family. They stayed for 10 days, and drove off into the sunrise yesterday morning. Calvin sobbed and sobbed, immediately begging if we could get in our own car and make it to Utah within 3 days. I’ll point out here that he did the same thing when my mom and step-dad left a month ago, except he wanted to jump on a plane, like them.

Now that it’s just the 5 of us, I’m right back into my usual mode of doing absolutely nothing.