1. Last night at dinner:

Zeeb: This is the best pork in the world! Mom, those two boogers aren’t stuck in my teeth anymore!

2. This morning:

Me:(lying on the couch, face down) Rub my back for a while.

Zeeb: (sitting near my head, starts ever so lightly caressing my shoulder) OK Mama!

Calvin: (standing next to my legs) Oh! I know what she means! (stage whisper) Stand on her back!

Zeeb: (stage whisper) Sneeze on her back?!?


3. We spaced the Fourth of July parade. Derek helped the neighbor across the street move out of her house during the pouring rain instead. He did take the boys to the fireworks on the evening of the 3rd, so we don’t totally suck.

4. Story time at Starbuck’s is now just an excuse to get chocolate milk and lemon pound cake. I had thought it was great when they were so excited to go yesterday, but the instant we arrived, the begging commenced.

5. I ran 2 miles on Saturday. It was OK. I really think the marathon in September is a long-gone fantasy.

6. I bought my plane ticket to Boston for my retreat in September. Yes, I will get to go to Boston in the Fall.

7. I have bug bites all over my person.

8. I crocheted the cutest little poncho for the 3 year old girl across the street, but I forgot to take a picture before I took it over. Don’t worry, I’m making another one for Kiki, which I promise to photograph, when it’s done.

9. Kiki just came down the stairs with a toothbrush in each hand. She’s sucking them like lollipops and smacking her lips.

10. Derek is flying to Arizona today. 😦