July 2008

In spite of my laziness and the fact that I’m falling over the keyboard, ready to sleep for the next 12 days or so, I’m going to post a few pictures of my crazy garden. Be prepared to not be able to identify anything, because it’s a total jungle. I’ve started getting 2 zucchinis a day, the tomatoes are just starting to ripen, and the butternut squash vine has 16 baby squashes on it.

tomato jungle

Zucchini, petunias, tomatoes

july garden

I pretty much don’t need to go to the supermarket anymore, except for twice a week, when I ride my bike to get a gallon of milk.

I thought this meme, sent via Lisa, would be so much fun to do with my kids. Little did I know I would be met with fierce resistance. They were totally uncooperative, but I tried to leave out most of their arguings. I had to question them separately, or they would give identical answers. Four year old Zeeb’s answers are in green, six year old Calvin’s in red.

What is something mom always says to you? Be good, don’t fight. * Stop it! I love you.

What makes mom happy? Being quiet. Clean up our room. * Being good.

What makes mom sad? That you do mean things to us. Cause you’re sometimes sad. * Hurting Zeeb. (clarified: When Calvin hurts Zeeb.)

How does mom make you laugh? Jokes. (What kind of jokes?) Knock knock. * ditto

What was mom like as a child? Me! (in what way?) Loving! * Naughty.

How old is mom? Twenty-twelve. (Actually, I’m twenty-thirteen) * 33.

How tall is mom? 100 feet tall. * I do not know. 1 1/2 inches.

What is mom’s favorite thing to do? Walk. * I don’t know! What’s this even for! I wanna watch my movie. (Great big sigh) Cook. Plant.

What does mom do when you’re not around? Look for me. * Take care of Kiki. (What if none of the kids are there?) Why would none of the kids be there? I’ve never seen you, so, no, I don’t know. I really don’t know this time.

If mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Letting me not run away. * Can I be done now? Gardening?

What is mom really good at? Loving me. * Cooking and gardening.

What is mom not very good at? Not loving me. * Nothing. Besides, why would I want to say you’re not good at something. You’re good at yelling at me.

What is mom’s job? Mopping the floor. (I’m pretty sure I’ve done this once since he’s been born.) * Take care of the kids.

What is mom’s favorite food? Mushrooms. * You’ve never told me, so I don’t know.

What makes you proud of mom? That you let me play a video game. * I don’t know. I don’t… why would I… what? I don’t know what to be proud of. I’m proud of you for making me my puppy costume.

If mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? This is gonna be a easy one. Dora. (Why am I like Dora?) Cause you have brown eyes and she has brown eyes. * I’ve never seen a cartoon character like you. You are like Marge Simpson, cause she yells a lot, you yell a lot.

What do you and mom do together? Love each other. Mop the floor. (this is a big fat lie, see above) Watch movies. (more like it.) * Have quiet time together. Watch movies together.

How are you and mom the same? Brown eyes! * We’re not the same.

How are you and mom different? Different clothes. * No way either. Both medium. You read chapter books. I read drawn books with, like, characters and tons and tons of pictures.

How do you know mom loves you? Cause you tickle me! (No, there was no prompting on this one, we did not steal it from any other blogger friends.) * Cause I’m your son. (But is there anything I do for you that makes you think I love you?) Hug me an kiss me.

As far as tagging anyone else, I know everyone is different, but it is pretty funny to ask your kids these questions and see if they know anything about you. So I tag elizasmom, Barbara, Sue, and Sketchy.


Several times this week, I’ve found myself telling people that my garden is the one thing that has saved my sanity over that past few months. I think it’s true. I have had this one, large hobby with which to occupy a chunk of time. I have planned it, constructed the boxes, filled them with mountains of compost, mulch, and vermiculite, mixed, planted, spent hours at the nearby nurseries, removed pests by hand, thwarted others with forks, put up small fences, trained, pruned, weeded, and gotten dirty.

I have harvested several handfuls of green, purple, and yellow beans, about 6 zucchini, 4 cherry tomatoes, bunches of parsley and basil, a few strawberries, and one perfectly round and beautiful beet. The season is just beginning. Today, I realized I won’t have to go to the farmer’s market this week, since we have leftover chicken and sausage from last week, and I don’t need to be purchasing any vegetables for at least 3 months. My vegetables are better than the ones at the market, anyway. Neener neener.

I love my garden, and I’m proud of it. I don’t think it’s enough. I need more boxes, more vegetables. I’ve started trolling the rare seed websites for new things to plant, and I’m planning in my mind how I will grow my own seedlings for next year. I am especially obsessed with winter squashes. Here are some of the ones I want to grow (scroll over the photo for the name of each squash):

Are they not fantastic, and beautiful? How do I choose? Will the ones I don’t choose feel sad that they were rejected? Can I bribe my neighbors to plant some, and then have a neighborhood squash swap?

1. Last night at dinner:

Zeeb: This is the best pork in the world! Mom, those two boogers aren’t stuck in my teeth anymore!

2. This morning:

Me:(lying on the couch, face down) Rub my back for a while.

Zeeb: (sitting near my head, starts ever so lightly caressing my shoulder) OK Mama!

Calvin: (standing next to my legs) Oh! I know what she means! (stage whisper) Stand on her back!

Zeeb: (stage whisper) Sneeze on her back?!?


3. We spaced the Fourth of July parade. Derek helped the neighbor across the street move out of her house during the pouring rain instead. He did take the boys to the fireworks on the evening of the 3rd, so we don’t totally suck.

4. Story time at Starbuck’s is now just an excuse to get chocolate milk and lemon pound cake. I had thought it was great when they were so excited to go yesterday, but the instant we arrived, the begging commenced.

5. I ran 2 miles on Saturday. It was OK. I really think the marathon in September is a long-gone fantasy.

6. I bought my plane ticket to Boston for my retreat in September. Yes, I will get to go to Boston in the Fall.

7. I have bug bites all over my person.

8. I crocheted the cutest little poncho for the 3 year old girl across the street, but I forgot to take a picture before I took it over. Don’t worry, I’m making another one for Kiki, which I promise to photograph, when it’s done.

9. Kiki just came down the stairs with a toothbrush in each hand. She’s sucking them like lollipops and smacking her lips.

10. Derek is flying to Arizona today. 😦

I don’t have any photos because I’m retarded and didn’t take my camera. Derek’s parents and some siblings came for a visit all the way from Utah. For a while there, we had 11 people staying in our house. That didn’t actually seem so cramped to me, especially considering that one family I knew in the Philippines who had 8 kids, and they all lived in a home smaller than my living room. I’ll admit they didn’t exactly spend time inside, other than sleeping, though. And when I say that one family, I mean there was at least one such family within every square quarter of a mile.

We all drove up to New York state. This is the part where I wish I had brought a camera. I’d never been there before, and I wasn’t prepared for how cool Niagara Falls would be. I mean, I knew that the falls would be pretty, but I was overwhelmed. Also, the state park part of it was mind-blowing. I couldn’t believe how much cool stuff they had for you to do. I didn’t get to participate in all of it, what with a tantruming 1.5 year old who desperately needed a nap. I took her to the car, with the intention of driving back to the KOA to nap, but she was asleep before we pulled out of the parking spot, so I just parked under some shade and tried to continue reading The Host, which Derek’s sister, Britanna, had brought along. I ended up being too tired, and took a nap all cramped up in the car, too.

We had good times all around with Derek’s family. They stayed for 10 days, and drove off into the sunrise yesterday morning. Calvin sobbed and sobbed, immediately begging if we could get in our own car and make it to Utah within 3 days. I’ll point out here that he did the same thing when my mom and step-dad left a month ago, except he wanted to jump on a plane, like them.

Now that it’s just the 5 of us, I’m right back into my usual mode of doing absolutely nothing.

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