We’re eating lunch, and Zeeb has brought with him his newest Zoob creation, a combination scorpion/deadly machine gun. He’s amazingly talented with the Zoob, in a freakish, 4 year old boy sort of way. So he’s puttering around with it at the table, and Calvin wonderingly asks me, “Mom, is Zeeb gonna be a scientist when he grows up?”

I say yes. Zeeb gets quite defensive, and declares, “No I’m not!” I ask him what he wants to be, and he replies, “I’m gonna be an electric engineer!”

I tell him that’s a kind of scientist.

He pauses. “Is it a mad one?” he asks, with his head tilted slightly, in much the same way he asked me about the pooping frog.

Yes, my two boys have aspirations of growing up to become mad scientists. (And before any of you can ask, it may have a slight something to do with their desire to emulate Dr. Horrible.)