After we had finished dinner tonight, I was finally sitting down on the couch, ready for some down-time. Zeeb came in and said, in a very concerned little voice, “Mom, I accidentally put an envelope in my nose!”

I giggled, and asked him what he meant. Then Calvin piped in with “a cantaloupe, Mom.”

I asked Zeeb if he had, indeed, gotten a piece of cantaloupe stuck up his nose, and he said yes. I was still confused, since the pieces I had cut up were much too large to fit in a little-boy nostril. He was adamant that he was telling the truth. I told him to go get a tissue and blow his nose, and Calvin demonstrated. He said, “Like this,” and put his hand up to his nose and blew. Of course it worked. He was grossed out, but as I was in the process of telling him to go get his own tissue, he sucked it back in. Then, after noticing he hadn’t quite gotten it all, he proceeded to lick his palm.

Zeeb came back in, having been unsuccessful in his attempts at dislodging his cantaloupe. I helped, and he really did blow out a good-sized chunk. I asked him why he stuck it up there, and he said, “I just wanted to.”

It reminded me of that one episode of House where the kid has a toy fireman stuck up his nose, and they finally figure out that he sent the fireman in to rescue the toy cat he had stuck up there earlier. Not that Zeeb sent anything in to catch the cantaloupe.