So I finally got that iPod. I’ve been listening to a bunch of NPR podcasts, and some Greek language studies, but I still want to mix it up a bit with some good music, but, as you all know, I’m a musical ignoramus. I know organ music. I don’t actually listen to organ music, since it’s really kinda boring to listen to organ music outside of a great church with a great organ, being played by a great organist. Anyway, no organ music. As if any of you would recommend that.

So what do you listen to for fun? For motivation? For energy? For calm? There’s so little that I’m familiar with, so bring it on.

As a side note, school started last week. My Calvin leaves each weekday for 7 hours of complete, blissful heaven. I love him, and I like him, and he’s my brilliant boy, but he sure has social and intellectual needs that I’m not equipped to meet in an all-day-every-day sorta way. The other two can entertain themselves for long stretches of time (sometimes involving an entire box of mini-wheats dumped on a freshly swept and mopped floor, and ground into a powder), so life is just so darn peaceful for a while each day.