We have been out of power since Sunday. That’s 5 days. Yeah, I’m sick of it. It sucks. I can’t wait to be able to use a refrigerator again, but I for sure won’t keep lots of meat in the freezer anymore. I’m internet-ing for the first time since Sunday, at the library, which had it’s power returned today. School is in session tomorrow (praise the Powers That Be!!!), and they’ve told us that we may have power by Sunday. I think that’s a safe bet. We may also have hamburgers falling out of the sky on Sunday, in which case, we won’t be having to eat plain peanut butter for dinner.

So if you were wondering what was up with us, now you know. All the trees in Ohio got blown over last Sunday, and they got blown onto all the power lines in Ohio. And my car started making funny noises and really bad smells while we were trying to get home in the traffic jam that resulted from the combination of the mall emptying out on account of the loss of power, and the people streaming off teh freeway on account of the wind that was threatening to blow them all across teh river. Yeah, it’s been a great week.

When I have a minute, and I’m not in the library, and I have my own power and my own internet restored, I’ll tell you about the neighborhood cookout that happened on Monday, when everyone brought out all the random items in their fridges that were going to spoil, and the mish-mash was a little iffy. And then I’ll tell you about the way all the neighbors helped each other pull all the tree branches out of their backyards, and rake all the smaller bits, and hang out on the street at all hours chatting, and how I was the star of the day, because I had the gas stove, the French Press, and the hand-crank wheat grinder that also grinds coffee. I got applause this morning, during my delivery route.

But for now, Kiki is yelling, “HOME!” and I think it’s bothering the other library patrons.

My friends, Adieu.