I’ve had a really hard time getting back into my normal internet routine. Since our 10 day recess, lots of things in my attitude and practice have changed. So here’s a brief update on us, since I cannot muster the strength to do a real post.

I went to Boston last weekend and had a smashing time. I attended the Exponent Retreat at Friendly Crossways Hostel. At the retreat, we had presentations and discussions about guilt, our relationship with food (not a dieting workshop, more of what food means in a social context), the economy, teamwork, and some other things that were excellent but too much for me to try to remember right now. We also knitted 9 inch squares to donate to a halfway house. They sew the squares together and make a quilt to give to someone who is leaving and settling in a new apartment. I think this is so beautiful. So I knitted furiously the whole time I was there. Also, the owners of the hostel prepared our meals from their own garden. They even have beehives and sell their honey. I wanted to buy some, but I knew it would get confiscated at the airport.

Sheila (BFF) and I also stayed with my brother NungNung, and gallivanted around Boston. I dropped the ball on Elizasmom, and totally missed the opportunity to take her out to dinner, but I did get to hang out with on of my other long-time internet crushes, Jana. We went for tea (er, um, chocolate) a couple of blocks from Harvard. Also, Jana brought me some key limes, from her own tree.

My neice, BuiBui doesn’t love me like she did when I visited in March.

My cousin, Liz and I just made some serious soap this afternoon. We also made some lip balm. I think I’m to the point in my soap making career that I need to spring for a loaf mold. Liz and I have been using too many Pringle’s cans, and other improvisations, and I’m ready for something a little more presentable.

Kiki is in the mimicking phase. She repeats back to us the last 3 or 4 words we say, every time we talk. She has a great vocabulary, and remembers people’s names, with slight variations. Sheila is “He-la” and Liz is “Lih”. She has trouble with the “s”. So Zeeb’s name (his real name) sounds like “Hor”. (My poor husband was so confused, because while I was gone, she would wake up from her naps and ask for “Hor”, but he couldn’t figure out what she wanted. She loves her bruzzer.) An hour or so ago, I tried to help her at least make the name two syllables, so she learned how to say “Hor- un.”

Zeeb loves preschool, and had a pretty hard time while the power was out, because he didn’t get to go for a week. He has a best friend there, which is the best thing in the world.

Calvin is taking on more and more of the personality traits of his namesake. I told him we would stop reading Calvin and Hobbes to him if he continued to behave that way, and he told me that he’s “less badder than Calvin.” ?

Derek pulled the box that the oven came in out of the garage, and made a clubhouse for the kids. Some of the neighbor kids came over and played with it, and the next day, we got some paints so they could all decorate it. It’s a huge jumble of paint splashes, but has gotten hours of enjoyment.

I’m trying to decide what I will study when I go back to school. Any suggestions?