I still haven’t called Karee. I have no excuse.

We’re going to Utah for 3 weeks in December. Derek and I are going to Cancun and leaving the kids at Grandma’s house. (!!!)

I’m thinking of switching to a new blog. It would be called “Plain Jane”.

I’m trying to knit a sock.

I wish you could buy silk long johns at the thrift store. You can get anything else you want there, for Pete’s sake.

I say, “For Pete’s sake” way more, now that Sheila has a boyfriend named Pete.

Last night, I told Calvin that I married Derek because he’s so silly. Then I said that he married me because I knew how to buy a brownie. Whereupon Calvin flew into hysterics for 5 minutes straight, laughing and giggling until we were all infected. He then asked me to say something else as funny as that. (???)

Zeeb can write his name. I did not teach him this.

Kiki can say “ssssss”, but not if it begins a word. The other day, she was banging on my leg as I sat at the table talking to Derek. She kept yelling, “Hit! Hit!” until I finally figured out what she wanted was to sit.

A friend asked if I want to run with her once a week. This makes me happy on so many levels.

I ran for 15 minutes on Saturday. That’s more than I’ve run at a time for months. It was absolutely great.

I bought a bike trailer on craigslist and I love it soooo much! So do the kids.

I made cinnamon rolls on Saturday. They were yucky. I wanted squishy white-bread sweet rolls, but they were an eggy, structured dough, almost like a Danish, but denser. I won’t be using that recipe again. (Bread Baker’s Apprentice, I have loved you for every other recipe, but not this one.)

The Librarian, possibly the stupidest movie ever made.