This is what I just made. I know the fabric isn’t the most fantastic, but it’s what I had in my fabric basket.

baby wipes garland

These baby wipes are made of flannel, and they’re slightly larger than the disposable kind. I make a wiping solution that I found somewhere on the internet (and now I can’t find it, but there are bazillions of recipes that include things like baby wash, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc., etc., etc.) I just fold up the wipes, stick them into one of those sandwich-sized plastic containers, pour about 1 cup of solution onto them, then close it up and keep them near the diaper changing station (Kiki’s bedroom floor).

baby wipes

The frolicking puppies are acceptable. I would love to find some fantastic Avant Garde flannel (oxymoron you say?), though it’s kind of necessary that the fabric be light in color, so it’s OK to wash the wipes together with the unbleached cotton diapers. Have I started sounding like an infomercial?

I did think that my assembly line style production method was conducive to the invention of a pretty good baby shower decoration/green gift idea for that eco-conscious mom-to-be that probably also has chickens in her backyard. And since the wipes are also the very best after-meal hand washers, and quick to dry (important in a humid climate such as Ohio…) they’re awesome to have around.

Just tell me you think I’m awesome, too.