Last year, my Thanksgiving post was titled: Rated R for Violins. I thought that was so stinking clever, but nobody ever commented. This year, I’ll do one better, and provide you proof of what happens every year when my family gets together. Cousin Mike posted a video of several of my family members, playing a string quintet. It’s a pretty short clip. The dude on the cello is my dad, who made that cello, as well as most or all of the other instruments. Every year, I cry with jealousy, because I’m just a lousy organist, and I can’t join in. I guess I’m gonna have to take up the viola or something.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I totally ruled on Boggle. It’s really hard to totally rule on Boggle in my family, because everybody is freakishly smart and/or has photographic memory. I’m pretty sure my total rule-hood was a total fluke.