…with something like a freakish, non-migraine, skewer-through-my-brain kind of headache. Actually, I stayed in bed until 10:30. Who has that kind of luxury? Me. Because I’m married to the best man in the universe. And there’s no challenging me on this. Seriously, I will delete any comments that suggest otherwise. Because this is an autocracy. Pfflffft.

I just updated a couple of my links. I moved Sue and Jana to the “actual friends” category, because I’ve met them both exactly once. But that’s all that matters, because both meetings cemented in my mind that these are fantastic women who will both be invited to live on my street in heaven. And if Jana can get past my freakish meltdown (remind me to tell y’all that story sometime, where, at the end, Jana both shared her inspiringly good chocolate AND presented me with 3 limes off her own tree – I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love right then?), and if Sue can forgive my monopolizing the conversation in that nervous, can’t handle an awkward silence sort of way, I hope they’ll both want to live on my street.

We’re about to send Derek and Zeeb out on daddy-son time, and there is much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Calvin is desperate to be included, even though he had his daddy time yesterday at Toys-R-Us. Today, they are going to the Dayton Art Museum, which has a fine exhibit of glass. It warms the cockles of my heart that my eldest son is so despondent at not being invited to the museum, but my second son is equally desperate to bring Calvin, since he’s one of those tender, loving, include-everyone types. Tears are rolling.

Also, I love tea. I mean, I really, really love it. I went 30-some years without ever trying it, and it is a revelation to me. This may be a revelation to you, too. I don’t wanna talk about it. Again, autocracy.