I always intend to respond to each comment on my little glob, but then I remain ineffably lazy. So I may have to start a new tradition of responding via follow-up post. Except it will never become a tradition, because of the aforementioned personality flaw.

Jana, you roast, I’ll grind. Do you roast your own? I hear you can use a popcorn popper, the air pop variety. And Earl Grey is a delight in the afternoon.

Bon, I love chamomile, but I’ve discovered that I love it with a little milk and plain white sugar, but only a tiny bit of sugar. I found some chamomile that also has rose petals, but it’s very subtle. Mmmm.

Elizasmom, is it the Good Earth Original? I’ve looked up the brand, but they have many, many exotic combinations. All of which I will get to, someday. But which one do you mean?

Sue, really, I was just immensely flattered that you came all the way to meet me, and delighted to introduce someone to the exciting world of Tapas. That is, of course, if you liked the Tapas. Oh my! What if you hated it? Though, I’ll admit, that place is nearly Nouvelle Cuisine, and not at all traditional. Maybe next time, Carina and I can just host a Tapas party and make our own. And stay up all night being awkwardly awkward.

Azucar, if only I could always remember the html for the acute accent. Woe is me. I love rooibos (=red bush in Dutch). I think I started drinking it after reading The Ladies #1 Detective Agency. I’m a slave to the power of suggestion. Which brand is yours? I like the sound of spicy rooibos.

Barbara, I’m not at all surprised Grandma Hart (of the “Dammit Ed!” fame) gave you tea for tummy aches. Now I’m missing her again. And it really does make me feel better from my usual nausea. My mom also swears by it for controlling asthma.