May 2009

Go read the NY Times op-ed piece about some of the differences between liberals and conservatives. It’s not a political piece, but it’s still interesting. Anyway, how about this sentence,

“If you damage your prefrontal cortex, your I.Q. may be unaffected, but you’ll have trouble harrumphing.”

Also, I thought it was interesting, though not entirely surprising, that it has been found that people who search things on the internet generally find stuff that reinforces their own bias. Don’t we all want to be proven right? It’s the same in our conversation. We love to talk to people who agree with us, or who validate our opinions. That’s how we tribe up. I like the suggestion to lunch with people who have differing opinions than our own, though not necessarily radically different, or at least not people who won’t listen respectfully to your own ideas.


I’m moving to Vauban. In related news, I bought myself a bike yesterday, for my Mother’s Day/birthday/Christmas present for the next 2 years.


Pretty, no? I had them add fenders, a back rack, and a front basket. 21 Speed, front shocks, comfy ride. I may be in love.

as in, the pox. Zeeb got it from the vaccination, and this morning, Kiki woke up with a ring around her neck. Yay. Derek is out of town, of course, because every time he leaves, something bad happens (remember the sliced finger, the cracked skull?).

I think I may have to skip Calvin’s school’s Mother’s Day Tea.