Today, as Kiki and I were exiting the indoor portion of our farmer’s market, it was pouring rain. I asked her if we should wait until it stopped, or just go out. She said we’d go. There was a man standing by the door, who heard our interchange, and said, “She’s not afraid of getting wet. Although she may melt, cause she looks like sugar.”

I must admit, in her pink top with cherries on it, and black tights and black ballet skirt, she did, indeed, look pretty sweet.

My neighbor (the famous Phil, stitcher-upper extraordinaire) stopped to chat this morning, and regaled me with the tale of his daughter’s “hand, foot, and mouth disease”. Yeah, guess where she got it? I had thought Kiki’s shoes were too small, because she had all these little blisters on her feet. Upon further inspection, I realized that they were too many, and too evenly spread to be a result of friction with her footwear. We put an antibiotic on the sores, thinking they may be fungal, and they went away quickly enough. But I’m pretty sure we shared the joy first.

We’re great neighbors.