Look how cute my Derek is! P.S., I’m so curious how BYU got the official photo, since I haven’t seen any other photos yet.

Also, who wants to hear about the fun time I had in the ER yesterday? Noone? Ah well. I guess I’ll just sum up with a few choice words. Kiki is fine. She will have a pinky that matches my own deformed one. She was shutting the bathroom door yesterday, with her finger in the crack, and (skipping the gore) we were delivered to the hospital by my wonderful neighbor/friend/awesome babysitter, and 3 1/2 hours later returned home with a stitched up girl with a splint over her fractured pinky bone. She’ll forever be a cripple, just like me. Unless, of course, the bone continues to grow correctly and she never notices anything. I hope she at least gets a weather predictor out of it. Mine doesn’t even do that.