I’m pretty sure our little Honda Civic wouldn’t make it out of the driveway if we tried. And by snowed in, I really only mean that we can’t drive anywhere. We can walk to the nearby golf course to sled, but today, I’m not sure I can take the whining that we’d be subjected to for 9/10 of the mile it takes to get there. There’s already been so much whining about being forced to eat oatmeal for breakfast instead of cheerios. I’m about 99% decided on letting our house completely run out of any kind of sweetener (except for the necessary maple syrup), so that cheerios will lose their mystery. I don’t know if I’m the only spaz that hates giving kids cheerios, but it always makes me feel like a bad mom. Like I just couldn’t be bothered to make my kids something that is actually healthy.

What do you give your kids for breakfast? And do they whine about it? I do oatmeal (with milk and brown sugar, for crying out loud) about twice a week. I gave them raw granola* with almond milk once, but it didn’t go over that well, even though it’s sort of like eating candy. And regular granola hasn’t been super popular in the past. They all like toast, especially with scrambled or fried eggs, but that’s a once a week thing, and is really limited by the actual presence of bread in our home. Rice pudding is well-liked, but also limited to times we have leftover rice.

So help me out. What are some other breakfast ideas? Part of me wonders if there’s just too much variety, and we’re just too rich. I mean, if all we had in the house was oatmeal, we’d just eat oatmeal, right? Should I try to have just one thing every day?

We’re so spoiled.

*Raw granola is amazing. It’s buckwheat, pecans, apples, raisins, and cinnamon, all soaked, smooshed up, and dehydrated, until it’s this lovely, crunchy, cookie-like granola stuff. I thought my kids would devour it, but maybe it’s even too sweet.