Hey there! My name is Sarah, and I used to have a blog. Curiously, a whole bunch of people have asked me this week why I don’t anymore. Also, my delightful aunt and delectable cousin have started doing theirs with greater frequency, and I’m beginning to remember why I did it in the first place. For money and fame. Or, more likely, as a place to journal the less-embarrassing, less-trashy parts of my existence.

We were in the homeland for about two weeks, ending today. We hopped from Derek’s parent’s house to my mom’s to my dad’s and visited lots of cousins and high school friends in between. I have to say it was one of the funnest vacations I’ve ever had with my kids. (I can’t yet commit to saying it was one of the all-time funnest, since those include various and sundry adventures in Europe without kids). We loved parading them for the grandparents, forcing them to perform tricks (Kiki, at 3, can spell her whole name pretty rapidly), and taking in the heart-stopping Utah landscape.

This was the first trip home since we’ve lived in Ohio when I actually could envision us moving back someday. I really ached for the mountains and the familiarity in a way that I haven’t before. Still, if it ever came down to a choice between Germany and Utah (not saying that’s in any way likely), I would probably choose Germany. Because, Germany! You gotta take that, if you can.

The only not fun part of the whole trip happened on the way home, but being stuck in Denver overnight is not the worst thing that could happen. With three kids. With no luggage, or changes of clothes, or toothbrushes. And at least I wasn’t the one with the migraine, it was the poor check-in clerk at the hotel, who accidentally put all 5 of us into a room with one bed. That could have been exciting.

I enjoy flying a lot more if I take a half of a dramamine. Also, if I give the other half to the three-year-old girl.