What better way to start the day than to run 5 miles, including a speed-trial 3 mile in 25:31? And then to get home and find out your basement is flooded? And it hasn’t stopped raining? And it’s really pouring? And I’m not sure there’s quite enough water in my basement? And of course the home warranty that we have is mostly only for appliances, and our insurance has a deductible of $2,300? And there are at least 30 other people in the queue before us at all the clean-up places we called? And there were 20 boxes of books waiting patiently on the basement floor for the day when we would finally be able to purchase a bookshelf? Or twenty?

I’m sorry, I really am. I’m just so giddy. This isn’t your everyday sort of excitement. And just so you know, the reason I haven’t been commenting on y’all’s blogs is because I haven’t been reading them. I really, really miss you, but I am not fully put together right now, see? So be patient. And for your viewing enjoyment, here’s a video of my darling baby girl. I tried to get her to sing “Hot Cross Buns” but she only sang the first part, and you have to use your imagination to catch the words. She does get the pitches, though. There’s also a little bit of whispering where Calvin is trying desperately to distract her off the right side of the screen.